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 Senior Counseling Services


In Partnership: Felician College



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday

9:00am - 8:00 pm

*By Appointment ONLY*

Our vision

The mission of our In-Home therapy/counseling service for seniors is to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to adults in there home place. Our goal is to improve and allevaite the concerns that many adults have during the aging process. Whether you are battling with depression, stress, grief/loss, or difficulty managing the challenges of aging, our staff is trained to help you have a more positive and self-worthy outlook on life and the years ahead of you. 


* Depression             * Body Image           * Anxiety & Panic

* Chronic Illness        * Life Direction        * Loneliness

* Aging Process         * Grief/Loss             * Trauma & Abuse 


Please visit our Program and Service page for a comprehensive list of Counseling specialities.


PLEASE NOTE: "On Site Counseling" sessions are held at 6501 Polk St., West New York, NJ as well as 239 Anderson Ave., Fairview, NJ and "In Home Counseling" is done at the comfort of your home by appointment ONLY.           

Meet The Team

Marcela Farfan, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Counseling Psychology

Dr. Peter J. Economou

Board Certified Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy


Sal Reyes

Drug & Alcohol Counselor, MA, LCADC, LAC in Counseling Psychology

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