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How you can help!

What’s the best non-perishable food I can donate ?

We rely on the generosity from our community to serve families in need year-round. Whether you’re donating money or food, each gift helps us fhelp our neigbors a little more.

Monetary donations - Provide us bulk purchasing power and partnerships with our major retailers.  While you can buy a few food items with $10 at the store, we can turn a $10 gift into 40 meals. 

Gift cards- make a great impact.

Non-Perishable Foods

While fresh foods are an important part of the food we provide, non-perishables are most needed and easy for you to donate.

We can make the most of your non-.perisable donation.  Here is a list of non-perishable foods you can donate

Food Items to Donate:

Protein Foods: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, and Nuts

  • canned tuna

  • canned chicken

  • canned beef stews

  • canned salmon

  • bean soups

  • canned or dried beans

  • baked beans

  • canned chili

  • peanut butter

  • canned nuts

Grains: Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta

  • rice and rice mixes

  • canned pastas

  • noodle mixes

  • dry noodles and pastas

  • macaroni and cheese mix

  • cold cereals

  • shredded wheat

  • infant cereal

  • hot cereal mixes

  • oatmeal

  • bread, muffin, and pancake mixes

  • granola bars

  • graham crackers

  • flour

Dairy: Milk, Yogurt, and Cheese

  • infant formula

  • nonfat dry milk

  • evaporated milk

  • instant breakfast drinks

  • shelf-stable (UHT) milk (small boxes)

  • canned and boxed pudding


  • canned vegetables

  • vegetable soup

  • canned tomato products

  • spaghetti sauce

  • baby-food vegetables


  • canned fruit

  • raisins

  • applesauce

  • dried fruits

  • baby-food fruit

  • fruit leather (100% fruit)

  • canned and boxed 100% juice

Oils and Condiments

  • vegetable oil

  • salad dressing

  • syrup

  • jelly and jam

  • honey

  • sugar

  • mayonnaise

  • tea

  • coffee

  • spices

Non-Food Items to Donate:

Certain non-food items may also be welcome. 

Paper Products

  • toilet paper

  • paper towels

  • napkins

  • tissues

Soap Products

  • hand soap

  • laundry and dish detergent

  • cleaning products

Personal Care Products

  • shampoo

  • toothpaste

  • toothbrushes

  • shaving cream

  • deodorant

  • feminine hygiene products

 Every donation makes a difference. What's most important is that we all come together to help our neighbors. 

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