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Educational Classes

English conversation classes is where you get to speak and hear natural, everyday English. Group classes are a relaxed environment where you meet and chat in English with students who share similar goals. 




Franciscan Community Development Center is providing free citizenship test preparation classes to Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs). These classes are a great tool for individuals who recently applied for U.S. Citizenship or are planning to apply so don't wait!



Our Community ESL Program teaches English to adults through a curriculum that helps students learn the language skills for work and day-to-day life in the United States. The classes cover speaking, listening, reading and writing, along with vocabulary and grammar. We have lessons and activities that give you practice with real-life experiences such as filling out forms, reading labels, preparing for college and finding jobs.


Literacy classes are for native and non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their reading and writing skills. Lead teachers help students develop these skills for personal or employment needs.



Civics is a branch of political science that focuses on the role of citizens in their governments. In many nations, it is a fundamental part of instruction for students who are about to graduate, ensuring that every citizen has at least a basic knowledge of it. The study of civics may be combined with economics, because political and economic systems are often closely intertwined, and understanding both can be key to succeeding in society.

Social Media 


The Social Media program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in social media so they can develop successful social media strategies and implement effective and engaging social media campaigns. Participants will be able to immediately apply their newly learned skills both to workplace and personal endeavors, and build networks for future collaboration.

Computer Literacy


This course is designed to support students that may have a familiarity with the computer, but want to take their computer literacy to the next level. Students will continue to utilize familiar software (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation), and will begin to learn the capabilities of social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) to assist them in their job searches. Using the Internet for online job searching and submitting applications will also be explored.

Driver's Education


The students gain awareness of the driving task and the responsibilities that accompany it. They demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws and regulations that help provide safe and efficient patterns. Students learn that impact that natural forces and conditions have concerning driving. They learn to identify hazardous conditions and react appropriately to avoid or minimize problems. Students develop an attitude of safe, courteous and defensive driving.

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